I'm Xianwei

Who Xianwei ?

In Chinese, Xianwei (先维) means thinking before doing. As you can tell, my parents hoped for me to be rational and always prepared. This philosophy is at the heart of my UX/Product Design approach. I focus on understanding user needs thoroughly before diving into design, ensuring that every solution is not only visually appealing but also deeply user-centric and intuitive.

Currently, I'm pursuing a master's degree in Information , human-computer Interaction track @ University of Michigan, driven by a passion for creating accessible experiences that empower marginalized voices.

Current UX/UI Intern @ Bosa.Life
Previous UX/UI Intern @ Definer Labs
Pre UX Intern @ PowerChina
Pre UX Consultant @ U of Michigan Tech Service
Pre Product Consultant @ U of Michigan Medicine

Why UX ?

My journey in UX/product design began during my undergraduate studies in urban planning, where I discovered a compelling connection between the two fields. Through my studies, I cultivated a deep understanding of community needs and challenges, and this empathy and my research in citizen behavior became the fundament of my work in UX design.

The fusion of disciplines has enriched my perspective and equipped me with a versatile skill set to deliver creative, rapid-iterative, and user-centered designs. I am excited to continue pushing boundaries and making a meaningful impact through joyful and inclusive designs.